Ashoka Finnieston, Best in the West since 1973

Ask any Glaswegian for directions to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, and they're sure to say "D'you know the Ashoka Finnieston?" Immortalised as a famous culinary landmark, it sits on the corner of the longest street and shortest road in the city, and shines like a beacon and acts like a magnet to Glasgow's colossal curry eating fraternity. Ashoka Finnieston is where it all started. With a simple philosophy of fantastic, fresh, homestyle food and true value for money, that have been tantalising the taste buds of Glaswegians and connoisseurs much further afield since 1973.

Catering for your special event or celebration!

If you’ve been given the task of organising a surprise party, leaving party, Christmas or Anniversary party, chances are you’ll be looking for a venue which provides great food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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